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Save Thousands With Energy Efficient Homes

You’ve probably heard of the term “energy efficient” before. But, what is it? And why should you go for it? Energy efficient, or energy efficiency, is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. When opting for energy efficient home renovations –like impact windows and doors, roofing and solar– your home becomes more sustainable for the planet, and for your pocket.

If you want to save up to 40% in utility bills and on homeowner insurance, increase your home’s value by 5-8% and enjoy a healthier quality of life, keep reading.


Impact Windows and Doors

They provide excellent insulating capabilities by isolating the interior of your home from drastic outdoor weather changes –especially during hurricane season. But they also contribute to important utility bill savings. Built of heavy-duty aluminum, hurricane impact windows and impact doors last 50x more than your regular hurricane shutters. And they are much easier to handle. Once installed you no longer have to worry about taking out the plywood or messy shutters when a hurricane alert comes up. Talk about tranquility! 

Also, hurricane windows and doors make it really difficult for any break-ins to occur. We are talking 24-hr burglary protection. They provide 99% blockage of UV light, making your home much safer and healthier from the inside out. However, one of the best qualities of hurricane window protection and hurricane doors is their significant noise reduction. And the privacy that comes with it, as any inside noise will be kept for your ears only. Amazing, right?


Roofing and Solar Panels

Tile roofing –or, your preference type of roofing– will give your home a new look while also keeping it insulated. But why is this important? Because insulation makes your home stay cooler, hence making it more energy efficient. By requiring less energy from sources like air conditioning to cool your home, your energy bills will then lower.

As fuel prices rise, going solar helps you save on energy costs. According to research, solar panels can help cut down an average range of 40 to 60% of your energy bills. Yes, you read that correctly. Solar panels use energy from the sun, therefore you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills. How much money could you be saving monthly? The answer is half of what you pay for electricity right now.

You will also be contributing to a smarter, more sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in your home will have your family enjoying a much cleaner air quality. Who wouldn’t want to live like this?


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Boost your home value… Let the house sell itself!

Did you know that homes with residential solar panels installed on their roofs have a much higher market value? And are likely to find a buyer more quickly when put up for sale? According to estate agents, many home seekers prefer homes with pre-installed panels because it saves them the installation costs of doing it by themselves. People prefer to buy a house that has solar panels already installed. Even if it means paying a higher price for the property, a home with solar grants more confidence and security for the modern-day buyer.


Going energy efficient is opting for a better quality of life.

So there you have it. Although there are even more reasons why you should go energy efficient, we’ve gathered its most important benefits. Saving up to 40% in utility bills and on homeowner insurance, as well as increasing your home’s value by 5-8% may sound highly appealing. But the key benefit is clear: Nothing compares to profiting from a more comfortable, healthier, and higher standard of living. Does it?


Federally approved services to become energy efficient.

If you’re really interested in becoming energy efficient, but are concerned about the expenses, don’t fret! Federally approved services that provide 100% financing for home improvement projects are becoming much more accessible every day. Programs like PACE offer complete financing with zero money down and no payment for up to 17 months.

Approval for this type of financing is based on property equity, not on a credit score. So, if you’re thinking of changing to green energy for your roofs, windows and solar panels, take advantage of what you can! These programs are created to help homeowners’ pockets by saving on energy costs. Because they take care of our planet’s resources, governments are becoming more aware, hence supporting, energy efficient renovations.

Consider that, because they are funded by the government, they will definitely give you more security as their work and financing options will be of much higher quality than others.