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The Pembroke Home Improvement Project

It’s common to feel overwhelmed and lost at the idea of any Home Improvement project. A lot of questions might pop up into your mind like: What type of roof and/or impact windows does my home really need? How much will it cost? And what are the available options to pay for it? Will I need any special permits? How long will the process take? And what about the debris? We know the hassle.

We spoke with Jenny, one of our recent clients, who gave us the whole scoop on how it went for her.


Just in time for Hurricane Season

Jenny owns a house located in Pembroke Pines, FL. With Hurricane Season coming up, she began fretting the moment when she had to take out the messy, old shutters. Jenny was looking to get her whole house upgrade to Impact Windows, a new front door and backyard sliding doors. Hurricane proof, as well.

It was so smooth. NATION took care of everything. All city and HOA permits… we were very relieved.”

Although the first thing you want to do when hiring a contractor is to check their legitimacy –the contractor must have an approved and specified license and insurance for the job they’re meant to do– it’s important to understand that a home improvement project demands much more than picking the right type of roof and impact window design and/or color.

From the first visit to your home, all the necessary permits and fees – which is usually the most complicated part– to the last piece of debris to get cleaned up. A home improvement project entails a lot.

She shared with us how, in previous home improvement experiences with other companies, there was always loose strings to take care of. The city and HOA permits, the many “surprises” that came up during the installations, the debris cleaning hassle…

“So of course, my HOA is a pain in neck. I was worried about how long it would take for them to approve all permits, as they meet up only once a month. But it was so quick. NATION did their thing and pretty soon informed us that we had the permits approved, so now we could set a start date. They were really efficient,” she expressed.

She also mentioned how satisfied she was with the contractors’ carefulness when moving things around during the installations. After a fair share of unfortunate situations –including a scratched floor– it was only natural she felt concerned about it happening again. But it was definitely not the case.


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“They did an impeccable job.” – the city inspector.

As good as a job can look, it’s not entirely finished until the city inspector approves it. How? By inspecting it and looking for damaged components, water stains, leaks, evidence of fire or flooding and hazardous conditions. And they can really prolong a job until they’re satisfied.

Jenny told us how NATION made sure she got every minor adjustment fixed up before the contractors went on to their next job. “The doors look beautiful. When the city’s inspector came to check on the job done, he inspected every single door and window… he explained to me that the quality of the Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors installed was really superb. He said “They did an impeccable job”, and that really gave me peace of mind!”, she shared.


“Really, I got no complaints.” – Jenny

As we finished our chat, we asked her if she had any last words of advice for our team so that we can continue to satisfy our clients. “Hmm, the only thing I can think of is maybe keeping better communication between the contractors and us (the clients). Sometimes I was not sure at what time the guys would arrive. But you know, it’s something that a simple call can fix. Not a big deal. Really, I got no complaints”.

Being a Customer Service Based company, we take our client’s feedback very seriously. And thanks to Jenny’s advice we have implemented a stronger, more frequent communication between the contractors and our clients. Our commitment? Keeping our clients happy, satisfied and worry-free.