Star Paying Less That FPL Bills Immediately

  • $0 Upfront Payments

    Start paying 30 days after installation. You will pay a fixed fee for 25 years.

  • Stop Paying FPL and Save Big

    Save between 30% and 60% on your energy consumption bill.

  • No Income Verification

    Enjoy a hassle-free solar journey. No paperwork or a big bank account.

  • Keep Cool at NO Extra Costs

    Solar Leasing lets you run your AC longer without worrying about extra costs.

Enjoy Solar Energy Without Ownage Worries!

How does it work?

Leasing means that you're essentially renting the solar panels. You enjoy all the benefits of solar energy without the upfront installation costs and maintenance worries.

It's like having the sun power your home without the the headache of owning them. Our lease period is for 25 years. During that period you do not have to worry about high maintenance costs or paying high FPL bills.

You'll only pay one affordable monthly fee, giving you peace of mind and saving you thousands from day 1!

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Your Monthly Payments Will Be Much Lower Than You Pay Today to FPL

Exploring options

To Lease or To Buy?

Whether you opt for the Solar Leasing solution or buying Solar Panels outright, is a no-brainer decision. Here are 2 main aspects to consider when deciding between buying and leasing:

  1. Immediate Savings:
    Leasing starts with an affordable fixed bill 30 days after installation, lasting 25 years. Buying may involve payments starting after 17 months, with a 30% cash back tax incentive.
  2. Paperwork:
    Buying may have specific requirements, but leasing is straightforward with no credit checks or social security needed.
  3. Maintenance:
    In truth, it is not the big worry, solar panels come with warranties lasting over 25 years. Leasing offers supplier support.

But don't worries, We will guide you to choose the best option. Are you interested in start saving from Day 1?

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Why Solar Panel Leasing Makes Financial Sense

  • Save Big on Bills

    With solar panels, you don't rely on FPL rates. You produce your own energy, so you see major savings on your energy bill since the first month.

  • $ Down - No Maintenance

    Enjoy the benefits of solar energy hassle-free, without any upfront payment or maintenance worries. Our advisors will be there for you whenever you need assistance.

  • Fixed Monthly Payments

    With Solar Leasing, you'll benefit from fixed monthly payments for 25 years, bringing ease to your budget and peace of mind. Enjoy significant savings compared to what you'd pay to FPL.

  • Easy Approval

    As you essentially rent the solar panels, Solar Leasing often secures faster approval compared to solar loans. No Social Security, Credit, or Financial History is needed.

  • No Lien on Your Property

    With Solar Leasing, enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no property liens, ensuring your home's security while you save on energy costs.

Solar Energy in Florida: A No-Brainer

Rising living costs are already a reality. But rising costs from FPL is something you can avoid by choosing wisely where you put your money.

By choosing solar panels in a sunny state like Florida, you can take control of your energy expenses and reduce reliance on FPL's volatile rates.

Why give your money to someone else when you can generate your own energy and save thousands for the things that really matter to you and your family?

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Our Easy Step By Step

  • We Guide You

    Call us to discover the potential of Solar Leasing. We'll explain the process, solve questions, and financial benefits awaiting for you.

  • On-Site Assessment

    Let us come to you! Our team will visit your home, measure your roof or designated area and talk about the potential of your solar project.

  • Permits & Installation

    Relax & sit back. We'll guide you through the installation and permitting process with your chosen solar contractor's expertise.

  • Final Inspection

    After a final certified inspection and the necessary paperwork with your utility company, we'll assist you on how to maximize your new solar panels.

Solar Leasing: Your Key to Big Savings

Why give your money to someone else when you can generate your own energy and save thousands for the things that really matter to you and you family?


Have questions about Solar Leasing? We've got answers.

What is the life expectancy of solar panels?

Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, with many manufacturers offering warranties that guarantee performance for at least 25 years. However, panels can continue to generate electricity beyond their warranty period, although at a slightly reduced efficiency.

Are all roofs able to install solar panels?

We conduct a thorough analysis prior to the consultation to determine if your roof's condition and the amount of shading from surrounding trees allow for the replacement of 100% of your FPL bill with solar energy. If your roof is older and needs to be replaced in the near future, you may consider replacing it at the time of solar panel installation. Our team evaluates these factors during the consultation to ensure your roof is ready for solar, allowing you to harness the power of solar energy worry-free.

How much maintenance do solar panels require?

Solar panels generally require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove dust and debris, as well as occasional inspections to ensure optimal performance, are recommended. However, solar leasing includes maintenance services, relieving homeowners of this responsibility.

Can I transfer the lease if I move?

Yes, in most cases, solar leases are transferable to the new homeowner upon the sale of the property. Our team will guide you through the transfer process, ensuring a seamless transition for both parties.

Can tenants access solar leasing?

No, only the homeowner can enter an agreement to lease or rent a solar power system. We encourage tenants interested in solar leasing to discuss potential options with their landlords to explore the feasibility of installing solar panels on the property.

Are there any tax incentives or rebates available for solar leasing?

If you choose to lease your solar panels, you won't be eligible for the solar tax credit since you're not the owner. But don't worry! We also offer financing options for purchasing solar panels. Check them out here.

How do solar panels hold up in a hurricane?

The solar installations in Florida are designed to adhere to stringent Miami-Dade codes, ensuring they can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 175 mph. Once the installation is complete, it undergoes a thorough city inspection to ensure it meets all safety standards necessary to withstand hurricanes. This ensures your solar panels are securely installed and prepared to withstand extreme weather conditions.