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Does Your Home Qualify?

We are local community advocates on a mission to help all South Florida homeowners that need to protect their homes from hurricanes and natural disasters.

How? By helping them request funds to install energy-efficient impact windows, a new roof, solar panels, or a new AC unit –with NO upfront costs, credit or income check.

Your home could qualify. Contact us to get a FREE home risk inspection!

Why Should You Upgrade Your Home?

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Hurricane-Resistant Windows and Doors

Hurricane-resistant windows and doors will protect your home from flooding and impact. By sealing your home, they will also reduce your energy consumption saving you thousands overtime.

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New Roof

A new roof can withstand the strongest winds, storms and rain. It will also add insulation to your home, keeping it cooler while lowering your utility bills and homeowner's insurance.

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Solar Panels

Going solar in Florida can save you thousands on energy bills! Solar panels give you control of your energy consumption and increase your home value, while using the planet's resources responsibly.

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This Could Be Your Home!



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