$0 Down - No Credit or Income Checks.

  • No Credit or Income?

    No problem! Eligibility for financial benefits is not based on credit or income, but on property equity.

  • No Cash or Savings?

    Install your new roof now with $0 down and very affordable payments starting up to 17 months later.

  • Overpaying Insurance?

    A new roof can lower your home's risk, reducing your insurance costs significantly.

  • Afraid of Contractors?

    We offer a selection of trustworthy and certified roofing contractors tailored to your budget and requirements.

Why Should You Replace Your Roof?

A new roof not only protects your home from damage but also brings you invaluable peace of mind, especially during storms. Additionally, it adds insulation, reducing your AC usage and cutting down on utility bills and insurance costs. Minimize risk, maximize savings!

Benefits of Upgrading to a New Roof

  • Hurricane-Resistant Materials

    Built with materials that resist hurricanes and designed to endure the toughest winds and flying objects. Made with NOA certified materials for top-notch home protection.

  • Lower Insurance Rates

    A new roof not only keeps your home safe but can also significantly reduce your homeowner insurance costs. A strong roof means less risk, leading to major savings on your insurance premiums.

  • Save Energy and Cut Costs

    A new, energy-efficient roof keeps your home comfortable all year round. It traps warmth during colder months and keeps it cool in the summer. Lowering your AC usage can save you a bundle on energy bills!

  • Leak Prevention

    With high-quality materials and meticulous installation from Florida approved and licensed contractors, say goodbye to pesky leaks and water damage and hello to reliable protection during heavy rain and storm events.

  • Boost Your Home's Value

    Boost your property's value with a sturdy, hurricane-resistant roof. Prospective buyers appreciate the added security and peace of mind, making your home more desirable and valuable in the real estate market.

  • Long-Term Savings

    Investing in a new roof can be a real game-changer for your home in the long haul. Say goodbye to frequent repairs, enjoy reduced energy bills, and even save big on insurance! It's a smart and budget-friendly option to secure your home's future.

Budget Buster: Why Choose an Impact Roof for Your Financial Well-being? 

As FPL's rates keep going up, and insurance costs climb, it's getting harder to make ends meet in South Florida.

A new, impact-proof roof can withstand storms, lowering the risk of your home. And with lower risk comes lower insurance premiums! It also keeps your home cooler, which means lower energy bills.

You get to pick where you spend your money: giving it away to the FPL and insurance companies, or investing it in upgrades that will keep your costs low but up your safety. Protect your home and your wallet with a strong roof!

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