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How To Beat Inflation By Going Energy-Efficient

FPL rates increase again! Yes, you read that right. Again. And that, added to the incoming recession, could be a huge hit to your pocketbook. But there is good news: You CAN beat this inflation, today!  

How? By going energy-efficient using new incentives. Receive more than 30% back as a tax credit, get 100% financing and take advantage of low affordable monthly payments starting a year after installation. And guess what? Those monthly payments are usually much lower than the FPL bill you are currently paying for each month. 

But you must act fast, as these government incentives will likely run out before the end of 2023. In this article we will guide you on the why and how to get these benefits today. 


What is Energy-Efficient? 

Energy efficient, or energy efficiency, is a reduction in the amount of energy required to provide products and services. When choosing energy efficient home renovations –like switching to impact windows and doors, new roof, updating your air conditioning system and water heater and using solar energy by installing solar panels– your home becomes more sustainable for the planet, and for your pocketbook. 


Why should you go Energy-Efficient? 

America is close to a big recession and FPL rates will continue to increase. Florida Power and Light (FPL) is asking for a $4 increase on a 1000-kilowatt hour bill, due to the higher costs of natural gas. If you are a homeowner, you can avoid this increase before it is too late.

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Customer Benefits of going Energy-Efficient – You will: 

  • Save money each month by lowering your energy bills   
  • Increase your property value when improving your home 
  • Increase your home’s efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions   
  • Reduce your homeowner’s insurance when updating your Roof 
  • Stay safe in harsh weather by switching to Impact Windows and Doors 
  • You may stop paying your electric bill if you go Solar 
  • You may receive a tax credit of 30% or more back when choosing Solar 

How to go Energy-Efficient

If you are interested in saving money on energy bills but are concerned about the expenses, do not fret! New incentives that provide 100% financing for home improvement projects are becoming more accessible every day. But be quick because they are almost gone.  

Nation Green Homes is a community advocacy organization working with PACE, a federally approved program that provides homeowners with affordable, low-cost, long-term financing to replace and upgrade roofs, impact windows and doors, air conditioning systems, water heaters and solar panels. 

Miami-Dade and Broward properties in select zip codes are now eligible to receive new funds to make these renovations. And Nation Green Homes is here to help properties qualify for these funds, with $0 down payment and no payments for up to 17 months. Approval for this type of financing is based on property equity, no credit check or income verification required. 

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And as for the planet…

You will be contributing to a smarter, more sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, you and your family will enjoy much cleaner air quality. Who wouldn’t want to live better like this? 


Boost your home value – Let the house sell itself!

Did you know that homes with energy efficient renovations have a much higher market value and are likely to find a buyer a lot faster? According to real estate agents, new home seekers prefer homes that produce green energy. Even if it means paying a higher price for the property, an energy efficient home gives more confidence and provides greater security for the modern-day buyer, not to mention savings. 

Want to know if your property qualifies for this money-saving program? Simply call or text us today at (954) 231 2303. We will review your home’s eligibility and guide you to the best energy efficient renovations for your home and pocketbook.