Prepare for Hurricane Season with State Sponsored Program

Prepare for Hurricane Season with State Sponsored Program

As hurricane season approaches, the importance of having a hurricane-ready home cannot be overstated. From high winds to heavy rain and storm surges, hurricanes can cause significant damage to homes and communities. But don't worry! There’s a way to protect your home and your family and you do not need to use your money or savings to do it. Read on...  

Hurricanes threaten our homes and our safety. Being prepared can make the difference between riding out the storm safely or facing a disaster.   

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Introducing the Hurricane-Ready Homes Program 

The Hurricane-Ready Homes Program is designed to support the entire South Florida community in protecting their homes and families from hurricanes and storms - no matter their budget. 

How does it work?  


Start your journey to a safer home by calling us or filling out the form on this page. It's FREE, without initial costs or large financial commitments. We believe in making hurricane preparedness accessible to everyone. 


With this program, you can access to financial opportunities to fortify your entire home. Elevate your home with our upgrade options, featuring hurricane-resistant windows, doors, and roofs. 


The application process for the Hurricane-Ready Homes Program is straightforward and user-friendly. Homeowners can begin by filling out an online application form or contacting our team directly for assistance. The application typically requires basic information about the property and the homeowner, as well as details about the desired upgrades. Once submitted, our team will review the application and provide guidance on the next steps. 

Once you are approved, gain access to a curated list of ★5-star contractors tailored to meet your home improvement needs and budget. Rest assured your project will meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. 


As a program beneficiary you'll receive expert support for a seamless renovation experience. We'll guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve your project goals with peace of mind and confidence.  

Getting prepared before a hurricane strikes is not just a smart move, it's also cost-effective. It's like fixing things before they break, better be prepared than sorry. Plus, being ready helps you stay calm during the storm. So, take some time to prepare. It'll save you money and give you peace of mind.

After all, it's not just about protecting your stuff; it's about looking after yourself too. By taking action now, like installing impact windows, doors, and a new roof, you're making sure your family and home are better prepared when the next storm hits.   

The best part? You can access this program TODAY with no upfront costs. Remember, preparedness saves lives, and your actions today can make all the difference tomorrow. 

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