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Hurricane Season: 3 Steps To Take Now, Before It’s Too Late

We are four months away from the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Seems like a long time, doesn’t it? Well… not really. When it comes to preparing for the upcoming months of unpredictable and inclement weather, there’s no time like the present to make sure your home is ready to withstand what may come. 

Let’s face it. It’s not only about the hassle of getting your plywood or storm shutters up, but about the stress and anxiety that comes along with it. How many times have you found yourself binge-watching the news to decide if you should take action now, before it’s too late?

Nobody needs this extra added stress. Specially not a week before a Hurricane is expected to come. The best thing you can do is make sure your property is protected and ready to withstand harsh weather conditions TODAY. No matter when the Hurricane arrives. 

Don’t allow any unexpected surprises with your home’s structural conditions, landscaping chores and possible COVID-related shortage of materials and suppliers be the reason for an evitable catastrophe. 

But what exactly can you do to make sure your property is protected? Here are three important steps you can take right now: 


1. Replace old windows and doors to Impact Windows and Doors –and stay extra safe– with a New Roof.

If you’ve always resorted to storm shutters or plywood, it’s time to make the upgrade. Say goodbye to the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels, flimsy shutters and heavy plywood all by yourself, and with the added stress of a Hurricane proximity. 

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors are designed to withstand the strongest of hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and repeated vigorous impact. And what is worth more than your tranquility?

Also, if your roof is already damaged, leaking –or, and specially, if it’s just old and creaking– consider installing a New Roof. Why? To provide your home with extra security and reduce the risk of further damage once Hurricane Season arrives.


2. Win extra time to do installation fixes and landscaping chores.

Why should you care about having extra time? Simply because there might be things you are not aware of in your house’s structure. Because each house and landscape are different, it’s not until engineers open it that they discover there might be areas that require some extra time to fix or finish. Inconveniences like this happen all the time in construction. And who would want to deal with a situation like this when a Hurricane alert is just around the corner? 

Also, get any landscaping chores done immediately. Make sure your home is clear of any potential debris and falling obstacles like trees and power lines. Testing your sump pump and cleaning out any gutters will also prevent possible water damage. 

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3. Install now, pay later. 

Now, we know that these home upgrades and improvements can be costly. But you don’t have to pay for them just now. How? Federally approved services that provide 100% financing for home improvement projects are becoming much more accessible every day.  

One of these services is PACE Funding. Approval for this type of financing is based on property equity, not on a credit score. When you choose PACE, you can start your home improvement project –such as Impact Windows and Doors or a New Roof– with $0 down, very low monthly payments made through your property taxes and NO payments for up to 17 months. 

Not only will you receive 100% financing for your project, but you will pay less than with any other credit card, your money will stay in your pocket (to use for some other urgent matter!) and you will save thousands on your energy bills and homeowner insurance. 


Bottom line: Don’t postpone what needs to be done.

Take a step towards a better peace of mind. Hurricane Season will come. But while you wait, the most caring thing you can do for you and your family is be ready for it. Avoid the last-minute stress and hassle, and possible unfortunate disasters, by making sure your property is protected… on time.

With nature –and specially the infamous Atlantic Hurricane Season– a little bit of preparation truly goes a long way. And when your loved ones’ safety is on the line, every step matters.