'Category 6' Hurricanes in the horizon?

'Category 6' Hurricanes in the horizon?

As summer approaches, so does the not-so-welcome arrival of hurricane season. But this year, there's a new topic making waves – the possibility of adding a 'Category 6' to the hurricane scale. So, as we gear up for another round of stormy weather, let's take a closer look at why this 'Category 6' is being debated.  

You've probably noticed – hurricanes seem to be hitting harder these days. The intensification of hurricanes in recent years has become a topic of discussion because it's evident that these storms are growing in strength and frequency, which raises the threat of hurricanes. 

In their latest research, James Kossin from the First Street Foundation and Michael Wehner from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have been investigating the impact of climate change on hurricane dynamics for numerous years.  

Given the rising sea surface temperatures, this study suggests a new hurricane classification: hurricanes with sustained winds of 157 to 192 miles per hour be classified as Category 5, while storms exceeding 192 miles per hour should fall into the new Category 6. 

The debate of adding a 'Category 6' to the hurricane scale highlights how hurricanes are changing and why we need better ways to classify them. 

But don’t worry! There are ways to protect your home once the storm hits. Have you heard of Impact Windows? Unlike conventional windows, impact windows are engineered to withstand the impact of flying debris and high-speed winds characteristic of hurricanes. This investment will help you mitigate potential damage and keep your loved ones safe!  

Another aspect that will be essential in storm-prone areas is having a strong roof. When hurricanes or severe storms hit, your roof shields your home from wind, rain, and debris. An old or weakened roof is more vulnerable to damage, leading to leaks and structural issues. By replacing your roof before disaster strikes, you can safeguard your home, minimize potential damage, and ensure your family's safety during extreme weather. 

It's clear that things are heating up – both in the weather and in the conversation about hurricane preparedness. The debate around the 'Category 6' for storms exceeding 192 miles is a reminder that we need to be ready for whatever comes our way.  

So, whether it's changing your old roof or investing in impact windows, now's the time to make sure you're prepared! But don't wait until the storm hits, hurricane season is less than 80 days away.  

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