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7 Reasons Why You Should Go Energy-Efficient

So, you’ve heard about “energy efficient” homes before. But you are not really sure what it is. How do you make your home be more it? AND why should you? If any of these questions have cross your mind, then keep reading. 

You can save up to 40% in utility bills and on homeowner insurance, increase your home’s value by 5-8% and enjoy a healthier quality of life, to only mention some of its benefits. 


The Planet will Thank You. 

Energy efficient, or energy efficiency, is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. When choosing energy efficient home renovations –like switching to impact windows and doors, new roofing and solar energy– your home becomes more sustainable for the planet, and for your pocket. 


1. Your Property Value Will Increase.

Upgrading your home with Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors, a New Roof or Solar Energy, will instantly boost your property value by 5-8%. If you’re looking to sell your house in a near future, this investment will make it sell much easier, and for much more than you expected.


2. You Will Save Thousands on your Energy Bills and Homeowner Insurance. 

When you switch to Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors you upgrade your home with the best insulating capabilities. 

Because they are built of heavy-duty aluminum frames, they help isolate interior spaces from extreme outdoor weather conditions, hence keeping indoor temperatures cool and saving you up to 40% in utility bills and homeowner insurance. 

Besides giving your home a refreshed look, a New Roof can help lower your energy bill. How? By keeping your home insulated. Saving on energy bills has never been easier, as getting a new roof with brighter colors helps deflect light and dissipate heat, thus keeping your home cool more efficiently. 


3. You Will be 100% Hurricane Protected. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels and flimsy shutters during Hurricane season. 

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and repeated vigorous impact. And what is worth more than your tranquility? 


4. You and Your Loved Ones Will Have Maximum UV Protection. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels and flimsy shutters during Hurricane season. 

Yes, 99% blockage of harmful UV light. Low-E glass windows have a microscopically thin coating (even thinner than human hair) that’s transparent and reflects heat. These Low-E coatings keep the temperature in your home consistent by reflecting the interior temperature back inside, and keeping UV rays reflecting to the outside. 


5. You Will Enjoy Peace, For Real. 

Forget about loud neighbors and busy street noise! Yes, windows can significantly reduce environmental and ambient noise. No, perfect noise canceling windows don’t exist. But Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors will cut down a lot of sound pollution, give your home real privacy and make your life much more peaceful. 


6. Your Home Will Be Break-In Proof. 

Did you know that Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors make it nearly impossible for break-ins to occur due to how they are built? Weak, inefficient windows make your home a target by motivating burglars and intruders. But these are built with a PVB interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass that act as maximum protection against any intent of break-in or extreme weather conditions. 


7. Your House Will Look Elegant and Beautiful. 

New Roofing and Windows will definitely not go unnoticed. The sleek and elegant designs will make your home look so much classier and stylized. And the best part is, the benefits behind the design are so much greater. Talk about the best of both worlds!


Need Help Financing a Project? 

If you’re really interested in becoming energy efficient, but are concerned about the expenses, don’t fret! Federally approved services that provide 100% financing for home improvement projects are becoming much more accessible every day. 

Approval for this type of financing is based on property equity, not on a credit score. So, if you’re thinking of changing to green energy for your roofs, windows and solar panels, take advantage of what you can! 

These programs are created to help homeowners’ pockets by saving on energy costs. Because they take care of our planet’s resources, governments are becoming more aware, hence supporting, energy efficient renovations. 

And, because they are funded by the government, they will definitely give you more security as their work and financing options will be of much higher quality than others.