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Renew your Roof before your Home Insurance Rises! 

We’ve all been there. The moment when you are told your homeowner insurance will increase –if not double– because your home is not as new as it was a few years ago. Well, there’s something you can do about it today to prevent your insurance from going up. Plus, you’ll end up saving thousands from it. Keep reading. 

How your Homeowner Insurance Works

As your home ages, its insurance may increase. Why? Your homeowner insurance works based on risks, right? Therefore, when you make a major upgrade to your home –switching to Impact Windows or a New Roof– you are reinforcing your house. This translates into a reduction in risk for which your home insurance will reduce considerably.  

For example, a bad roof is more prone to storm damage. So, if your roof leaks, if there’s water damage or rotting wood, the repairs can be very costly in the long run.  

According to a recent study made by Finder, a platform dedicated to helping homeowners make the best decisions when investing, upgrading to a New Roof will lower your home insurance from 5-20%, while switching to Impact Windows and Doors may lower it by 10-15%.

Why Switch to a New Roof 

Put simply, switching to a New Roof will not only get you a better insurance in which you’ll be saving thousands, but you’ll end up saving even more in energy bills. Here’s how… 

Whether your roof has been affected by climate, or just needs an upgrade, a smart choice is to replace it with a “cooler” roof. Cool roofs are basically roofing that’s either white or any other reflective color, usually made of metal materials to absorb less heat and reflect sunlight away from the house.  

This type of roofing can help the property stay about 50 degrees cooler while the summer months hit, which in turn results in lower energy bills. Talk about a game changer! 

Not to mention that your new, reinforced roof has now made your house more safe, secure –and beautiful. 

Why Renewing your Roof is a Risk-Free Decision 

When choosing energy efficient home renovations your home becomes more sustainable for the planet, and for your pocket. 

Yes, residential energy efficiency is an investment. But the financial benefits it yields are outstanding, coming in the form of both immediate month-to-month savings and huge future profits when the property is sold. 

In a time where energy costs are rising dramatically, increasing the energy efficiency of your home will noticeably improve the market value of your property. 

In fact, the National Association of Home Builder conducted a survey where they found that if a home has lowered energy costs of $1,000 annually, the average home buyer will be inclined to pay an additional $8,728 for those benefits. 

How to Upgrade your Roof Today and Pay Later

Did you know that you can install your New Roof today and pay later? If you are not already, do know that you can make use of government incentives recently approved in Florida. 

At Nation, we can take care of all this process for you. We help turn homes more energy-efficient to help the planet, while saving you thousands. We help you qualify so you can get the following benefits: 

  • 100% Financing 
  • No Payments until Nov. 2023 
  • Fixed Terms Up to 30 Years 
  • Not Based on Credit Score 
  • Get Approved In 30 Min or Less 
  • Very Low Monthly Payments 

Don’t be surprised if what you’ll save from your homeowner insurance plus your energy bill savings are higher than what you’ll pay for your new roof. Yes, you could end up be making money out of this financing. Talk about a deal! 

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