Avoid FPL Rate Increase – Go Solar now!

FPL rates will increase again. Yes, you read that right. Again. And that, added to the incoming recession, could be a huge bomb to Americans’ pockets. But there is good news. You are still in time to go Solar! 

And you can go Solar using great incentives like receiving more than 30% back on tax credit, 100% financing and monthly payments starting a year after installation. And guess what? Those monthly payments are usually much lower than the FPL bill you are currently paying a month. 

In other words, Floridians are getting paid to switch to Solar. But you must do it fast, as these government incentives will run out before 2023 ends. In this article we will guide you on the why and how to get these benefits today. 

Why should you go Solar? 

America is close to a big recession and FPL rates will continue to increase. Florida Power and Light (FPL) is asking for a $4 increase on a 1000-kilowatt hour bill due to the higher costs of natural gas. 

If you are a homeowner, you can avoid this before it is too late. How? 

How do you go Solar?

If you are really interested in switching to Solar but are concerned about the expenses, do not fret! Federally approved services that provide 100% financing for home improvement projects are becoming more accessible every day. But be quick because these incentives are almost gone.  

Locking down the price of Solar right now with no cost to you is possible with Nation. Nation Green Homes offers complete financing with $0 down and no payments for up to 17 months. Approval for this type of financing is based on property equity and not on credit score.

Benefits of going Solar in Florida:

  • You will stop paying your electric bill. 
  • You will never have a power outage again. 
  • You will receive a tax credit back of 30% or more. 
  • You will help save our planet’s resources. 
  • Your property value will increase by 5-8%. 

How much can you save with Solar? 

When you go Solar, your house turns more energy efficient meaning it becomes more sustainable for the planet and for your pocket. 

According to research, solar panels can help cut down an average range of 60% to 87% of your energy bill. Yes, you read it correctly. Talk about big, long-term savings! Solar panels use energy from the sun. So, say goodbye to increasing FPL rates. 

The chart below shows the approximate savings from going solar at home in Florida over 5, 10, 15, and 25 years:

Au revoir, power outages. 

Living in Florida means year-long sunny days to power up your entire house, even during the heavy storm season. If you add a battery to your solar panels, you will be able to enjoy its benefits all year long. Yes, your entire house will have electricity even if the entire neighborhood has a power outage. No damaged food in the fridge. No uncomfortably hot nights. And no electric appliances screwed up. 

Get 30% (or even more) on tax credit. 

But what is 30% on tax credit? In other words, it is credit cashback. Let’s say your solar panel project was worth $50,000.00. Your credit cash back would be $15,000.00, which is 30% of that total. This credit cashback would be used to pay your taxes. And what sounds better than not using money from your pocket to pay for your taxes? 

Plus, you could receive even more than the federal 30% if you install your solar panels with Nation. For more information on how to get this benefit, skip to the form below. 

And as for the planet… 

You will be contributing to a smarter, more sustainable use of its natural resources. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, you and your family will enjoy much cleaner air quality. Who wouldn’t want to live like this? 

Boost your home value –let the house sell itself! 

Did you know that homes with solar panels installed on their roofs have a much higher market value and are likely to find a buyer a lot faster? According to estate agents, new home seekers prefer homes that produce green energy. Even if it means paying a higher price for the property, a home with Solar grants more confidence and security for the modern-day buyer. 

Want to know if your property qualifies for this financing? Just call or text us at (954) 799 3802 or complete the form below! We will enroll your property and take care of everything for you. 

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